• The Outdoor table tennis: ready for a run ?

    Do you feel like playing a game of table tennis outdoors again? Read tips on equipment and game variants here. Plus: where you can find publicly accessible table tennis tables. Outdoor table tennis is a classic on school trips or youth camps: As soon as the table service is done in the evening, there is a round trip around the table tennis table in the courtyard! Why is sport so fun? Probably because it can be learned very quickly and table tennis is played very quickly. And because you don't need a lot of equipment. According to the German Table Tennis Association,
    a study by the Sports University in Cologne also showed that table tennis increases the concentration and productivity of students. The scientists attribute this to the combination of coordination, concentration and endurance that sport demands of you.

    What is table tennis anyway?
    Table tennis is the fastest setback sport in the world. By the way, a kickback sport is a ball sport in which two or more players face each other and pass a ball. Of course, they try to make the opponent make a mistake. Other racket sports include tennis, badminton, fistball, volleyball (and beach volleyball), and indiaca. In table tennis, a plastic ball is used, which the players play on a table with a net.
    Table tennis comes from - like circuit training, for example! - from England and has been known since the 19th century. Table tennis has been a discipline at the Summer Olympics since 1988. Timo Boll is considered the most successful German table tennis player, he is multiple European champion and World Cup winner and in January 2003 he was the first German to top the world rankings.


    Outdoor table tennis: the right equipment

    Whether for outdoor table tennis or the indoor version: Of course you need a table tennis racket and table tennis balls. If you play outdoors, you should have a few more balls in front of you, because the small balls tend to get lost in the bushes.
    Incidentally, some manufacturers offer special table tennis bats for outside. These are particularly weatherproof and durable. You can get rackets for outdoor table tennis from around five euros.
    Table tennis balls for outside are also more robust and often a little heavier. That makes playing in the wind a little more comfortable. The balls for outdoor table tennis come in multiple packs and cost between five and ten euros. You can get table tennis equipment in specialist sports shops or in large department stores with sports departments.
    Apart from the classic table tennis equipment, you should put on clothing that you can move around in. Also, pay attention to shoes in which you can run quickly - and also stop quickly. Just like in tennis, footwork in table tennis consists of many small sprints and changes of direction.
    Also think of sun and insect protection so that you can enjoy your outdoor table tennis match without sunburn or insect bites!

    Nothing works without outdoor table tennis tables!

    Very important to imitate Timo Boll and other stars of the scene: a table tennis table. Many youth hostels have outdoor tables with a net. You can also find table tennis tables outside on various playgrounds.

    Find table tennis tables outside

    If you don't want to leave searching for and finding a suitable venue to chance: The virtual map PingPongMap shows you where a table tennis table is near you - outside and inside. Also great for holidays, because you can also find hotspots for table tennis outside of Germany. You can also use the app of the same name to report new table tennis tables or upload photos of the spot.
    Are you from Cologne or the surrounding area? Then you're in luck! On the website “With pleasure” you will find 11 places in Cologne where you can play table tennis - with real insider tips!


    Buy an outdoor table tennis table

    Do you plan to play table tennis outdoors more often, and do you plan to find a suitable place for it? Then you can also get table tennis tables for outside in specialist shops.
    The special thing about them: the material. After all, the panels have to withstand wind and weather. You will find outdoor table tennis tables made of melamine resin or aluminum composite, a wood-aluminum construction. You can also see models made of concrete, especially in schools or other public places. They are also available as a foldable version and as a structure that you can set up permanently in the garden or yard. Foldable table tennis tables can be stowed in the garage or basement in winter. And: If you don't have a partner, you can also gamble against yourself. If you fold up one side, you simply play against the wall.
    If you have bought a table tennis table, you should make sure that it is as level as possible. A paved or wood-lined area is ideal. Of course, you can also play table tennis on the lawn. Then you should watch out for molehills or vole holes: Danger of tripping!


    Playing table tennis outdoors: the rules

    The same rules apply to table tennis outdoors as to table tennis indoors. Here are the most important ones at a glance:

    • A set in table tennis has eleven points. If both players have ten points, it goes into extra time. The set wins if you are first two points ahead.
    • You can agree how many winning sets make up a match before playing. In classic table tennis you play three sets of wins.
    • When serving, the ball must first bounce up on its own half of the table and then hit the opponent.
    • During play, the ball may only land on the opposite side of the table. By the way: Taking the ball straight from the air and playing it as a volley is not allowed.
    • If the ball hits the net when it is served, it is served again.
    • If you hit the ball into the net while playing, this gives your opponent one point. Touching the net or the posts is allowed. Then you just keep playing.
    • After two serves, the service changes to the other side.

    If you play doubles, the rules regarding serve change. You can read more about the rules of the game on the website of the German Table Tennis Association .


    Table tennis: tips and tricks about technique and tactics

    In table tennis you differentiate between two grip techniques: the shake hand technique or the handshake grip and the penholder grip. With the shake hand variant you imagine that you are shaking hands with your bat. The technique is suitable for forehand and backhand play. With the penholder grip, you hold the club in your hand as if you wanted to write with a fountain pen. This technique is particularly useful in forehand play. Test what suits you best.

    By the way: The forehand side of the table tennis racket is traditionally covered in red, the backhand side is black.


    The following types of strokes exist in table tennis:
    • Topspin - here you hit the ball from the bottom up and give it a slight rotation. This way it becomes nice and fast and more difficult for your opponent to counter!
    • Undercut shot - the best answer to a topspin. You hit the ball from the bottom up, causing it to rotate in the opposite direction.
    • Smashing punch - here you move your entire upper body with the ball to give the ball as much punch, i.e. speed.
    • Balloon defense - the possibility of defense against a smash ball. Take the ball as far behind the table tennis table as possible and hit it in a high arc from bottom to top.
    • Counter strike - a classic defensive strike in which you drive the ball straight across the table.
    • Block - a very early counterattack where you stand close to the table.
    • Flip - kind of like a mini balloon blow that is played just behind the net.

      You can play the serve in table tennis as a counter variant, as an undercut serve, as a topspin or as a serve with side rotation. Important: You must first throw the ball at least 16 cm high in the air so that it is visible to the opponent.

      Find the right table tennis tactic

      In order to find the right tactics for you in outdoor or indoor table tennis, you should first consider which type you are. Do you prefer to react and let your opponent “work”? Or do you always like to be in control and drive the game? Depending on that, you should perfect your strokes. If you want to scare your opponent, you train topspin and smash hit. If you are more of a cautious player, practice counter-attack & Co. For Any Information Regarding Table Tennis You Can Always Visit Our Website Ping Pong Table #1 Destination For All Your Queries !

      More variety in the game: table tennis variants

      In addition to the classic "single" and "double" variants, outdoor table tennis offers various variations. Especially if you want to play in larger groups, Rundlauf & Co. are simply more fun because everyone gets there so quickly. Such variants are also often included in table tennis youth training.

      Rundlauf, Mäxle, Chinese: the most popular table tennis game variant

      Probably everyone is familiar with this variant of outdoor table tennis: circular run, also called Mäxle or Chinese. You play with three to ten people who are evenly distributed on the two sides of the table tennis table. After serving, you keep the ball in play by hitting it and then running to the other side and lining up at the end of the line. Anyone who makes a mistake is eliminated. In the end, only two play against each other. The same applies here: Whoever makes the first mistake is out - and the other has won! If you want to make it a little more exciting, you play the variant "swimming". Everyone who is eliminated puts their racket on the table tennis table. That makes for interesting rallies! In 2018, Borussia Düsseldorf broke the world record in the round trip:

      Singles meets doubles, also in English: the somewhat unequal match

      If you play table tennis outside and there are only three of you, you can also choose the English version. A single player faces two players. You collect the points as a single player. If you make a mistake, you switch to doubles and a person from the team of two becomes a single player. You can make the game even more interesting if you set a certain number of points beforehand that must be achieved for victory.

      Kaiserspiel: Are you emperors or losers ?!

      If you have three or more table tennis tables, you can try out the Kaiserspiel. First of all, an imperial table and a loser table. The other plates are best placed in between. Your goal is now to "play up" you. Because: if you lose, you move one plate further towards the loser table. Whoever wins can move up towards the Imperial Table. Whoever wins the last match here is the "Kaiser". With this table tennis variant, it makes sense that you set a point or time limit and play several rounds.


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